Adventures in Theories of Politics

Evidently the White House is planning to tie passage of its jobs plan (already unlikely) to offsets composed of tax increases on the rich.  This should serve as a test-case for the faction of liberals, exemplified by Drew Westen’s cri de coeur, who believe that Obama needs to aggressively make his case to the American people in order to bully Republicans and reluctant Democrats into passing his bills.  This will, in fact, provide an opportunity for Obama to grandstand against Republicans by putting the issues of jobs in stark opposition to low taxes for the rich.

Who would like to place money on this working?

And if it turns out that the Democrats fold when balls-to-the-wall brinksmanship actually would have carried the day…it’s still a problem for this theory.  Any theory of political strategy does have to account for the parties as they exist, not an imagined Democratic Party that’s willing to act as a disciplined liberal vanguard.


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