Government Shutdown by Accident?

The internet tweetsters are all abuzz over John Boehner’s failure to muster his caucus to pass the short-term continuing resolution which would fund the government.  It now seems that while it hasn’t been reported or in fact consciously threatened by the GOP caucus, we’re a few days away from a government shutdown.

This time I think that the GOP will yield, since their position revolves around “Let’s not fund disaster recovery efforts”, which is really the kind of thing that you can only get away with a total minimum of media scrutiny on congressional proceedings.  Of course, an imminent government shutdown tends to concentrate the attention of the media.  The risk, however, is that the GOP position of maximal-maximalism-all-the-time could mean that Boehner can’t reel his caucus in this time.

Government by perpetual crisis is a scary and unpredictable things.

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