A Linguistic Quibble

I am Latino.  You wouldn’t know it to look at me; I look like a regular run-of-the-mill white person.  Since I don’t speak Spanish, wasn’t raised in a particularly traditional Latino family, and don’t look Hispanic, this has not been a particularly important part of my life or identity.  Nor is it particularly relevant to my politics…most of the time.  However, when all the Republican Presidential candidates casually refer to undocumented immigrants as “illegals”, suddenly I find myself swelling with Latino pride and ethnic solidarity.

Conservatives should realize that the future of American politics is going to be full of people like me…assimilated Latinos who aren’t particularly oriented towards “ethnic issues” until and unless we smell rank bigotry directed towards us.  Note to conservatives: Allowing this sort of thing to become a core part of your electoral appeal in 2012 can help you completely cement your loss of our generation.


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