On a completely different note…

To divert from usual programming, have begun attempting to learn the coding language Ruby.  Total programming novice, but Ruby was recommended to me due to its relatively simple syntax and its wide use in develop web applications.  If you’re interested in building a website from scratch that does something interesting, Ruby is very often what you’re going to use.

There are a few things that are shocking about the programming world to a total outsider looking in and starting to root around.  The first is that the community is very much geared towards people like you rather than people coming in through a formal channel (e.g., academic training).  As a result, there’s a ton of documentation out there that’s pretty accessible and is aimed at self-instruction.  Which is pretty cool.  Second, even despite that trying to start from total scratch is damn intimidating.  Oh, the standard way most people get Ruby is just to download and compile the source code?  Sounds cool, but what the fuck does that mean?  Just making that happen was probably the most computer-y thing I’ve done in ages.

It’s going to be a long and lonely road.

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