I frequently take something of a gloomy note when writing about, well, anything.  However, I should record right now that I am incredibly excited about something that will happen tomorrow, 24 April 2012.  A new company called Planetary Resources will be unveiling its plan to mine near-earth asteroids for precious metals.
The current bubble in “technology” isn’t really a bubble in technology – it’s a bubble in media & advertising.  That, after all, is what the Facebook, Instagrams and Groupons of the world really are, not “technology”.  They’re developing new ways to monetize eyeballs, the same thing that media has been doing for at the very least the last five hundred years.  Gutenberg started this ball rolling, and the quest to monetize eyeballs has merely been hopping from medium to medium since then.  It’s a meaningful goal, to be sure, but at this moment in 2012 it can come to seem like every startup is aiming at the very same thing.
Planetary Resources aims to push out the production frontier in a truly unimaginable way.  And it is SO. FUCKING. COOL.

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