Terrible Privacy Ideas

I haven’t really been following the debate over CISPA, but I am confident it is both a terrible idea and will pass easily.  As I understand it, it gives the government greater power to request large amounts of data from various Web companies as well as shielding them from liability in the event they engage in terrible breaches of privacy by doing so.

The reason why it will pass and why it is a bad idea is one and the same, the extension of wide-ranging immunity for companies and their new ability to wantonly violate their own public terms of service whenever they feel like it.  This just creates a tighter bond between incumbent companies and the government in yet another industry, this time Web companies.  Aside from all the very obvious and totally terrifying concerns about the government moving closer to real-time monitoring of all citizens, the ever-blurring boundaries between the government and big business should continue to distress all right-thinking capitalists.

I know it’s not news, but it sure is messed up.


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