What Real Class Warfare Looks Like

Today the House GOP officially reneged on the debt ceiling deal, and did so in a particularly odious way.  The deal included cuts split evenly between the Pentagon and social services, but this conflicted with the Republican orthodoxy that not a cent can ever be cut from the military budget.  In service of this, they are insisting on bundling into the budget a $5 billion missile-defense extension that the Pentagon doesn’t even want.  Overall cuts to the poor amounted to roughly $65 billion, a bit more than the budgeted $55 billion increase in military spending.
Rather than slightly decrease the 2,457 of F-35 Lighning IIs we are procuring, the House GOP would rather have millions go hungry.  This is a stunning commitment to a plane that doesn’t even seem to work particularly well.  Those planes are around $240M apiecein procurement, with a total cost of ownership of around $600M – if it doesn’t go up, which it will.  I just don’t understand how somebody thinks a single one of those planes could possibly be a better use of $600M in taxpayer money than building schools, or roads, or trains, or making sure American children can eat.
As a final fuck-you to basic human decency, the Republicans who have repeatedly shown their commitment to shutting down the government rather than have the rich pay a dime more in taxes finished off this package by raising taxes on the poor. That’s right, they decreased the child tax credit for poor families, effectively raising their tax bills. Grover Norquist has always been consistent that rolling back tax credits equals raising taxes and is verboten for Republicans.  Yet somehow raising taxes is not a problem when the only people being impacted are working-class parents.
On a nicer note: Civil Rights hero Congressman John Lewis publicly shamed scumbag Congressman Paul Broun into withdrawing his bill that would defund enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.   As he said, his friends died for the right to vote.  Sometimes progress really does get made.

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