Elections tomorrow!

I, again, have been completely neglectful thanks to graduate school applications, a busy time at work, and the stress of the election.  Which I realize is a dumb thing to be stressed over, but there it is.

Anyway, here’s my prediction for the election tomorrow: Obama to win, with 303 electoral votes.  My conservative position is Obama with 281 – Romney taking Virginia and Colorado.  I do not think Romney is going to win, but I worry.

Everyone expects tomorrow to be a very late night, which it might well be – I am sure there will be long lines in Ohio and Florida, injunctions filed, etcetera.  All sorts of standard-issue Election Day excitement.  However, I think the real sleeper possibility here is a relatively early Virginia call for Obama.  In which case the election is basically all over except for the crying.

My hope: a very late night due to later poll closings in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Colorado, a long and torturous counting process in Virginia, Florida, and Ohio, and ultimately a call for Obama with 303 electoral votes.  Republicans trim their majority in the House, Democrats maintain the Senate.  Thankfully the status quo has worked so well for us the past two years…

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